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It's time for a computer on legs.
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What is Mitra™?

We are bringing a new revolution. It is the 4th wave in computing - bring computers that move and interact with the environment. Beyond the features of a traditional computer, it offers:
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Contextually Awareness: Understand the environment and provide appropriate response.

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Speech recognition: Understand commands in Indian languages.

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Object recognition: Recognize faces and objects around.

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Psychological support: Designed to support emotional needs.

A full onboard computer that can replace your PC.

Do everything that you normally do with your computer - with a full Linux distro running, supported by top quality pico projector, a quality camera, stereo player and bluetooth input devices.

And then go far beyond.

1. Play with children, query Google through voice, enable programming, be an emotional partner.

2. Entertain guests.

3. Do home security with object detection.

4. Telepresence through Skype.

5. Move small things around home.

6. Would it not be awesome, if your children can enjoy computing without screen time and your parents can truly access computing?

Our Team

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Balaji Viswanathan

VP- Products

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Bharath Kumar

VP - Engineering

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VP - Operations

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Lead Engineer

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Swathy Rajendran

UX Designer

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Electronics Hacker

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Sales Executive

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Mechanical Intern